University Activities

My university home page

CLAN (Computational Linguistics at Aberdeen) research group

  • General information
  • CLAN reading group meets most Wednesdays at 4PM
  • Contact me for more information, and to be added to the CLAN email list

PhD students and post-docs

  • Nikolai Babakov (Santiago de Compostela)
  • Jawwad Baig
  • Simone Balloccu
  • Kittipitch Kuptavanich
  • Francesco Moramarco
  • Sameen Maruf (Monash) (post-doc)
  • Allmin Pradhap Singh (Eindhoven)
  • Adarsa Sivaprasad
  • Mengxun (Summer) Sun
  • Barkavi Sundararajan
  • Iniakpokeikiye Thompson
  • Craig Thomson (post-doc)


Research Projects

I’m also a bit involved (but not one of the main investigators) in the following projects



2 thoughts on “University Activities

  1. Hi, is it possible to get lecture notes for the following courses:
    CS4040: Research Methods
    CS5063: Evaluation of AI Systems


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